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Evaluating safe ampicillin dosing in dogs with kidney disease

Testing Interval Adjustment as a Strategy for Safe Ampicillin Dosing in Dogs with Kidney Disease

Status: Recruiting

Species: Dog

Veterinary Speciality: Internal Medicine


 To evaluate ampicillin pharmacokinetics in dogs with mild to moderate kidney disease. This study will help establish dosing recommendations for an important class of antimicrobials in dogs with kidney disease. It will also give insight into the variability of renal clearance in dogs with mild to moderate kidney disease, and how high ampicillin blood concentrations become in this subset of dogs.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Body weight greater than 6kg
  • Blood creatinine levels between 2-4 mg/dL on NOVA or Istat due to acute kidney injury, acute on chronic kidney disease, or chronic kidney disease that are being prescribed ampicillin or ampicillin + sublactam.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Known comorbidities such as neoplasia, congestive heart failure, or those suspected to have Addison’s disease based on a supportive sodium potassium ratio.
  • Dogs which are likely to have fluid responsive azotemia based on a USG > 1.020 prior to fluid administration.

Client Benefits

The study will cover the costs of the sampling catheter and serum chemistries at hospitalization and 24 hours later. Your pet’s participation will also allow us to gain information regarding ampicillin dosing in dogs with mild to moderate kidney disease.

Contact Info

For questions regarding the clinical trial please email the clinical trials technician, Diane Welsh at:

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