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Effects of chronic liver disease on blood proteins

Serum Vitamin D, C-Reactive Protein, von Willebrand Factors in Dogs with Chronic Hepatitis

Status: Recruiting

Species: Dog

Veterinary Speciality: Internal Medicine


The purpose of the study is to investigate ways to monitor dogs that have been diagnosed with chronic inflammation in their liver so called chronic hepatitis in dogs. We are performing this study to evaluate whether these blood tests correlate with the severity of the dog’s liver disease.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Dogs weighing greater than 6 kg (13 lbs)
  • Dogs with histologically confirmed chronic hepatitis

Exclusion Criteria

  • history of use of corticosteroids, ursodeoxycholate, NSAIDs, omega-3 or vitamin D supplementation within 2 weeks of enrollment or the use of DDAVP within 24 hours
  • degenerative mitral valve disease, renal disease (Creat >2.0 mg/dL), concurrent active infection, neoplasia, IBD, immune mediated hemolytic anema, pnacreatitis or immune mediated polyarthropathy

Client Benefits

The study will cover the costs of the vitamin D, CRP and von Willebrand factors as well as a complete blood count and serum chemistry at the first recheck appointment.

Contact Info

For questions regarding the clinical trial please email the clinical trials technician, Diane Welsh at:

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